Do You Trust Reviews On Indeed And Glassdoor?

The biggest draw is that it is 100 percent free to post an opening on their massive job board. Both job seekers and job posters continually go to the site to find suitable jobs and hire suitable candidates.

  • The job, pay, benefits, and work environment we all around good.
  • Indeed signed me up for subscription advertising by default.
  • While we are growing at a rapid pace, we still want and need our employees to ask for help and provide feedback to and about their manager.
  • People are cheerful, supportive, and have very different cultural backgrounds.
  • The site will not allow me to take my credit card information off and they do not have any means to contact customer service.
  • With more than 10 million employer reviews, Indeed’s Company Pages help potential employees find the right company based on their values and interests.

We are happy to assist with any questions about the account or our pricing model and help make sure the job is optimized to attract the best candidates possible, please reach out to My advice with Glassdoor specifically, is look for a string of bad reviews. If the company has a large number of them – even if they’re dwarfed by good reviews – then you want to look at the bad reviews and see if you can find patterns. I would, I’d rather know the dirt and all of that up front. I worked at a place that had all of 8 employees and the only review for that place said job prospector beware, the exec director is a nut job. I said the same thing, “just some angry employee, surely isn’t representative of the whole”. Most people don’t leave reviews if they are happy with the place, they typically leave reviews when they’ve had a negative experience.

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With its reasonable pricing and large reach, Indeed might be the best tool for you to find the candidates you need. While Indeed has jobs from all industries and levels, entry-level and lower-level professionals tend to flock to the job board.

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Share your employer brand story with targeted candidates through visually compelling ads and encourage interest in your jobs. I am now looking for another employment site where I can apply for jobs without having to create multiple profiles for different companies. I worked at a company that would artificially inflate their score on GlassDoor by creating fake accounts and posting good reviews. Whether or not Indeed is right for you will depend on the type of business you have and what your hiring budget is going to be. If you’re in the healthcare space and have many needs for non-physician support roles, then Indeed is a great match. However, if you’re trying to fill a single COO role in Montana, then Indeed may or may not net you a single qualified applicant.

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Helping people to get a job and progress as professionals. We’re so glad that your experience #insideindeed has been positive! uss express testimonials That said, we’d like to address some of your concerns. This section hosts the photo gallery of the company.

You need to better protect us so no one else falls for this. We are an employer that has used Indeed for many years. When their pricing structure was per month, it worked for us. When they switched to “pay by the applicant” it became very expensive.

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